Make Room On Your Wall For These Amazing Certificate Frames

Have you finally earned your college degree, trade school certificate, Master’s degree, or Doctorate? Or perhaps you already have several awards you’ve accumulated over the years and are now looking to display them all in your new office setup. In any case, you deserve to have your achievements displayed proudly. And there is no better way to do that than with high-quality certificate display frames from Frame USA!

There are two different types of certificate frames that will be covered here: the premium option and the cheaper option. At the end, we will also go over what to do if you need a mat for your certificate frames.

With that out of the way, on to the frames!

The Premium Option: Boardroom Certificate Frames

Boardroom Certificate Picture Frames
Boardroom Certificate Picture Frames

If you are planning to display your achievement in your home office or at work, then you need a certificate frame that is as impressive as your accomplishments. The Boardroom Certificate Picture Frame might be the one for you. Designed to show off your greatest achievements in a professional environment, these certificate display frames offer a sturdy, high-quality wood construction with a striking appearance. The Boardroom Certificate line features an intricate profile with a subtle bead pattern along the inner edge, and is available in black, cherry, or walnut coloring in the following sizes:

  • 8×10”
  • 8×12”
  • 8.5×11”
  • 9×12”
  • 10×13”
  • 11×14”

The Cheaper Option: Deluxe Diploma Frames

Deluxe Certificate Picture Frames
Deluxe Certificate Picture Frames

For those seeking an inexpensive option, the Deluxe Diploma Frames Series is a great budget-priced choice. The Deluxe line of frames is a true wood frame, featuring a distinguished 0.75” profile with gold foil trim along the inner edge, and is available in black or walnut in the same sizes as the Boardroom Certificate frames shown above.

The result is an attractive, versatile frame that will make your diploma or certificate truly stand out!

Contact Us to Get a Custom Frame With a Mat

Using mats in your certificate display frames is a great way to improve the look of whatever you are trying to display on the wall. frames is a great way to improve the look of whatever you are trying to display on the wall. In the case of diplomas and certificates, the mat distances the document from the edge of the frame, drawing the eye to the center. It also makes the full piece larger overall, reflecting the weight and importance of your achievement.

While neither the Deluxe Diploma Frames nor the Boardroom Certificate frames come standard with mats, they can be included if needed via our Mat Designers tool. The experts at Frame USA can also create a custom-sized frame to fit a mat that matches your document. Feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone, or come visit us in person at our retail store!

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