Large Picture Frames & Their Sizes: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing the right picture frame is incredibly important in the buying process. When it comes to purchasing our American made picture frames, the only thing you need to know when it comes to choosing a size is that all our picture frames are sized based on the opening/image size. If you haven’t already purchased or printed your piece this allows you to decide the size based on your space and the overall look that you are going for. When it comes to gallery walls, a mixture of small to medium sized frames is the perfect choice. What happens if you’re not interested in having gallery walls throughout your home? Read on to learn more about Large Picture Frames and their sizes and how utilizing these grand sized picture frames can add an impressive luxury to your home.

Understanding Large Picture Frames

When it comes to descriptive words for picture frames, they can be rather subjective. Someone who is relatively new to the framing world may refer to sizes differently than someone in the industry. Industry experts consider any picture frame that is larger than an 18×24 a Large Picture Frame. For our frames that means you have between 6-9 standard sizes to choose from depending on the series.

Large Picture Frame Sizes

The width of the frame can cause a medium picture frame size to feel like a large photo frame. Proportions of a frame can drastically impact the overall visual effect. A wide picture frame that is 18×24 will feel a lot grander than a thin frame at a larger size. The wider the frame the more space it takes up on your wall. Take the width of your frame into consideration if you are shopping for large photo frames for your walls.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Space

Now that you understand what sizes are considered Large as well as an understanding of how important the width of the frame is to the overall visual space, it is time to figure out which size is the right one for your space. Large frames, especially large square frames, are a great way to showcase art in a meaningful way. Due to their size, you are going to be limited to the number of frames you can have on the wall. The more frames that are large that you include in the space the more maximalist your space will come. We recommend before placing an order for your frames to visually lay out your space. Using kraft paper or painter’s tape and lay out what the frames will look like on your wall.

How To Measure Large Picture Frames

To determine the space your frame will take up on your wall look at the profile on our product pages. The profile gives the width of the frame, from there you can get the outer dimension of the frame. Take the size of the large photo frame that you are considering purchasing, subtract 0.5” from both dimensions and then add the width of the frame twice. The reason you subtract 0.5” is that the frame overlaps 0.25” of your image all the way around and doesn’t contribute to the outside dimension. Subtracting ensures that you are taking the overlap into consideration and will lead to a more accurate depiction of what the frame will look like on your wall.

Styling Tips for Large Picture Frames

Styling is incredibly personal, so these are just some tips on how you can use large photo frames. The grandiose aspect of large frames, especially wide picture frames make them perfect for being used as a statement piece. Hang them in an entry way to really welcome in guests. Find two of your favorite art pieces and hang them above your bed to give that hotel feel. Add a quirky sign in an ornate frame such as our Victorian series, in a small bathroom to show your personality. Replace a boring basic frame on a mirror with a wide frame such as our Voluptuous series. Turn your wall from millennial grey to a rainbow masterpiece by mixing and matching medium sizes in our colori large series with large sizes in our colori medium series.

American Value Gold Medium #800

Regardless of how you style your large photo frames, when you’re shopping with Frame USA, almost every one of our frames is available in 32 standard sizes as well as custom. This means that no matter if you’re looking for large wooden picture frames, but you need a 16×20 frame, we have you covered. Explore our selection of small, medium and of course large picture frames on

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