Large Gold Picture Frames: Timeless Elegance

Trends have always been cyclical, what was once considered ugly and very 70s in the 90s, is now considered luxurious and elegant in today’s world. Gold in home décor is the current hottest trend. In the picture frame world, gold frames have always been timeless and among the most popular American-made choices. These metallic beauties have a unique ability to conform across both modern and traditional styles with ease. Read on to learn why you should consider ordering gold wall frames today!

The Versatility of Gold Picture Frames

People no longer consider gold picture frames gaudy and old-fashioned. People now seek out gold picture frames, especially those with matte finishes like our glory metal frames for their versatility. There are many different shades of gold, even when it comes to gold wraps or gold leaf wood frames. The different shades means that you can choose the shade that will best deliver your desired style in your space.  Whether you are looking for square gold frames or gold floating frames, the range of sizes that we offer will satisfy any request!

Gold Floating Frames

TIo evoke old-world royalty, opt for bright, shiny ornate frames to enrich your walls. For a modern touch, contrast gold frames complement contemporary pieces without compromising style. Concerned about gold overpowering your space? Incorporate gold subtly with edged frames or thinner moldings. These subtle gold elements are arguably the most versatile because their thinness or minimal amount of gold prevents clashing. You can add them to other colored frames or large gold frames to tie the room design together.

Large Gold Picture Frames: A Statement Piece for Your Home

We already established how versatile gold picture frames are as well as how they transform a space into luxury. This makes large gold frames the perfect choice when framing statement pieces for your home. Statement pieces are meant to be large and focal points of a space. Framing them with gold frames takes that focal point to a new height. When deciding on statement pieces you want something that will make you smile whenever you view it.  

Black and white frames are great at being neutral and letting the art stand out, but gold wall frames, especially ornate vintage-inspired picture frames, become part of the art itself. Large gold picture frames when added to a large piece of art will become an extension of the art and draw your eye towards them automatically.

Large Gold Picture Frame Statement Piece Above Fireplace

 Taking this in mind when choosing your picture frame and which gold frame is crucial to bringing the art alive. If your art is features more modern straight line abstract elements, you want to choose a moulding that extends those lines outward as opposed to a frame that includes more rounded embellishments.  For paintings of organic materials such as flowers or people, choose a frame that mimics the curves of a figure or plant.

If you would rather showcase multiple pieces of art together rather than a statement piece, gold picture frames can be a perfect option. There are different types of gallery walls, and depending on which type you gravitate towards will determine which gold wall frame to purchase. Gallery walls can feature frames of the same type, different types but the same color, or go maximalist with mixed colors and styles. Regardless of which style of gallery wall you are moving forward with, you will be able to add gold picture frames into the mix with ease.

Opt for medium or thin width frames if you’re choosing the same type to maintain uniformity. This will allow you the most flexibility in layouts for your gallery wall. You can create a more structured look by choosing frames of the same size and arranging them in a grid pattern. Alternatively, embrace the organic look of a gallery wall by mixing and matching different frame sizes throughout. Our 32 standard sizes and custom options allow for you to easily purchase all the sizes you need with one moulding.

Color Outside The Lines

If you prefer to not limit yourself to one moulding, consider opting for a color option. Sticking to a color theme results in a more organic pattern, as varied widths and styles of molding don’t suit grids. Choosing various sizes and widths for your gold frames creates a wall reminiscent of a collection of vintage frames, subtly cohesive. This option is great if you like the idea of maximalist décor but having all different frames on a wall stresses you out.

Embrace The Bold

For maximalist décor enthusiasts, adding gold picture frames to your gallery wall selection just makes sense, blending style seamlessly. Maximalist décor is all about being well, extra, and you can’t get more over the top and in your face than a whole bunch of ornate gold frames on your wall. Choosing frames with two colors, like gold edges on black or brown frames, blends frame choices seamlessly, ideal for beginners in this décor style. The best part about maximalist design is that it is meant to be bold and showcase things you love, don’t over think your options, just simply purchase the things that make your heart happy.

We hope you’ve gotten some sparkling inspiration from our take on large gold picture frames. There is something so alluring about utilizing gold picture frames, regardless of their shade, in your home décor. For more inspiration on incorporating this color into your space, make sure you follow us on Instagram! All these gold wall frames and more can be purchased at

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