Just In Time For Graduation: Five Amazing Certificate and Diploma Frames

Summer is here! And for many of us, that means it’s time to graduate! Whether it’s a high school diploma, college degree, trade school certificate, or any other similarly important milestone, you deserve to have your achievements displayed proudly. And there is no better way to do that than with high-quality certificate and diploma frames from Frame USA!

Below you will learn about the diploma and certificate framing options Frame USA has to offer. You’ll find a look and build for any accolade or occasion!


For those looking for an inexpensive frame without sacrificing quality, the Frame USA Economy Frame series makes for excellent certificate frames on a budget. These ash wood frames feature a simple, rounded profile, and come in 6 different color options with real glass. For low-cost certificate framing, there is no better option.


The Deluxe Diploma Frames are a step up from the Economy frames, but still budget-priced for bargain-seekers. The Deluxe line features a more distinguished profile than Economy frames, and is decorated with gold foil along the inner edge to make your certificate stand out.

Metal and Heavy Metal

The Metal and Heavy Metal Certificate Frame series offer a sleek, professional look that gives off a powerful presence. The Metal series has a bold yet relatively slim profile that is perfectly accentuated by its 11 color options. The Heavy Metal series comes in fewer colors, but is thicker and heavier. Choose whichever is right for you and your achievement!

Boardroom Certificate

When you really need a certificate frame that is as impressive as your accomplishments – particularly at your place of work — the Boardroom Certificate might be the option for you. Designed for professional environments, these frames offer a sturdy, high-quality wood construction with a striking appearance. Featuring the most intricate profile of all of our certificate frames, the Boardroom frame is available with or without a subtle gold bead pattern along the interior edge.

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