How Frame USA Helps the Environment

Frame USA tries hard to protect the environment with its manufacturing of eco-friendly picture frames. One of the main things we do is make frames from Eco-Friendly compressed recycled board. Our leading manufacturer of this is Framerica, a New York Company that leads the national in manufacturing of Eco-Friendly wood products.   

Anyone who is looking for the consistency of color in their frames will understand how great these Eco-friendly products are. We currently have a sale going on for 10% off these eco-friendly wood frames. Use coupon code: RECYCLE until 11/18 at 11:59 PM est.

 Eco-Friendly products are one of the reasons that Frame USA was awarded one of the Recycler’s of the Year in Hamilton County, Ohio in 2009.

Metal Picture Frames are incredibly popular at Frame USA. The simple style of metal on a wall has always been something that our customers have loved. When working to make picture frames we encounter substantial waste with metal derived from these metal picture frames. This waste is almost completely recycled with a metal recycling company.

Our matboard is cut down to make different sizes, but when the matboard is inserted in our picture frames the excess board is recycled with a local paper company. Recyclers come to pick up all of the waste from cardboard and cardboard type products which are used as backers for picture frames.

Recycling has been GREAT for Frame USA because what we have found is that it has dramatically reduced the amount of regular garbage and waste that come from many of the products we produce. We are continually looking for new ways to recycle other materials that we use in the production process.

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