Voluptuous Wide Framed Mirror in Entryway

Framing Mirrors: Big or Small

Frames elevate whatever you add them to, whether that is memorabilia, Fine Art, Street Art Posters, Family Photos, or in this blog’s instance: Mirrors. Framing Mirrors requires a delicate hand and prior knowledge of framing. Framing family photos or posters is easy, but with mirrors, there are specific things you need to keep in mind. Without the tips, you’ll end up being surrounded by shattered mirror pieces, and after the last two years, we don’t need any more bad luck.

Don’t worry with the tips here you’ll be framing mirrors like the pros. Continue reading to find out how to frame big or small mirrors!

Framing Mirrors: Size Matters

Ordinarily, the weight of something is completely neutral, however, in the framing world weight is very important. The weight of the piece of the mirror will determine how wide you have to go for your frame. The larger the mirror, the heavier it is. On average a 16×20-sized mirror is about 7 lbs.

Framing Mirrors with Napoleon Antique Gold Frame
Framing Mirrors in Bathrooms with Napoleon Antique Gold

On average 20 inches wide is the smallest bathroom mirror available, anything smaller will be a shower or within a gallery wall. 11×14 is going to be about the largest size you can go for thinner mouldings like our Architect Frame.

However, when your mirror is more substantial such as a full body mirror or one for your entryway, The wider the frame the more secure the piece of glass will be. If you’re looking for a dramatic frame that is modern and wide enough for a large mirror, look no further than our Vuloptuous Wide Black.

Voluptuous Wide Framed Mirror in Entryway
Entryway mirror framed with Voluptuous Wide

Finishing & Hanging Mirrors

Besides the size of the mirror and the width of the frame, the only other crucial element that you will need to finish off your mirror is a wire hanging kit. This will ensure that it will be hung securely on the wall. The cardboard backing that comes standard in our larger-sized frames, works just fine to secure the mirror, but if you’re looking for more of a finished look consider upgrading it to foam core.

Finally, a tip directly from our retail team. Out of all the tips we’ve given this will make a huge difference. When purchasing a Frame USA frame for a traditional piece, the inside wood-colored edge is hidden by the piece. However, due to the reflective nature of mirrors, that edge will be seen when you frame it. To stop this, simply color the inside edge of the frame with a complementary color!

Framing Mirrors with American Value Silver
Mirror framed with American Value Silver

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