Great Gifts and Gorgeous Galleries: Why 16×20 Frames are Awesome

Great picture frames come in all shapes and sizes. But today we are here to celebrate one of the most useful frame sizes available: the 16×20 frame.

Just The Right Size

What makes 16×20 wall frames so great for so many different occasions are the inherent versatility of the mid-size frame. You could say that 16×20 frames are the “Goldilocks” of picture frames. They’re just right – not too big, not too small. This makes them perfect for a variety of uses.

The Perfect Gallery Wall Frame

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For example, if you have always wanted to create a gallery wall display for your home, getting a few 16×20 pieces is a great place to start. Since they are not too big or too small, you can populate your wall with plenty of detailed pieces without taking up too much space. For an organic-looking gallery wall, you can place a couple of larger or smaller pieces first and then place the 16×20 pieces around them to balance it all out, giving a sense of diversity and variety. Or, if you prefer a more structured look for your gallery wall, you can arrange many 16×20 wall frames in a grid pattern to give a sense of order and symmetry.

A Gift For Any Occasion

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16×20 frames also make great gift ideas. Because they are large enough to hold detailed art and photos but small enough to easily display and show off, these frames can be made part of a celebration that the recipient will love and appreciate for years. Weddings, graduations, and going away parties are all ideal occasions to take lots of meaningful photos that can be turned into equally meaningful gifts for friends and loved ones. 16×20 wall frames themselves can also make great housewarming gifts to help those in your life get a head start on their own interior decorating projects!

Try A Mat!

For even more versatility, consider fitting your 16×20 frame with an 11×14 mat. This allows you to use 11×14 images in a 16×20 frame, but with a classier, more sophisticated look. A matted 16×20 frame is perfect for your fanciest and most treasured 11×14 photos.

For more information on 16×20 wall frames, visit and browse our selection of rustic frames, wood frames, poster frames, and more! Or feel free to contact Frame USA directly and speak to our framing experts on how to best carry out your next home decorating project.

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