Everytown For Gun Safety: Empowering Change for Safer Communities

One of the more polarizing issues in today’s world are issues related to guns. Today is day 156 out of 365 days present in 2023. According to the not for profit research corporation, Gun Violence Archive, this year alone, there have been a total of 276 mass shootings. That is almost 2 mass shootings per day and that number is only the ones that have been reported and verified. Regardless of your beliefs, everyone can agree, that number is too high. Everytown For Gun Safety is trying to stop that number and to help the organization get further in their fight we have chosen them as our charity of the month for June 2023. Read on to learn how Everytown is making a difference in the world of gun safety by fighting to create safer communities.

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History of Everytown for Gun Safety

In 2013, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America came together to tackle a shared goal: ending gun violence. These organizations merged together to form Everytown for Gun Safety. They combined the best minds in research, policy, litigation, advocacy, and grassroots to become one of the largest gun control advocacy groups in the country.

Mission and Initiatives

The mission of Everytown is to build safer communities by advocating for common-sense gun laws and policies that help prevent gun violence. They want to empower and mobilize individuals, families, and communities to take action. They engage in various initiatives and campaigns to promote gun safety and advocate for policy changes, for example:

  • Closing loopholes in background check systems
  • Support responsible gun ownership
  • raise the awareness about the risks of unsecured firearms
  • push for legislation that can prevent gun violence.


The organization believes that ending gun violence should not be a partisan issue. They work across the political spectrum and with varied partners to end gun violence. For this reason, they have gained recognition and influence within the gun control movement.

Proceeds from every order placed on frameusa.com throughout the month of june 2023 will go directly to help Everytown for Gun Safety’s mission. To get involved with everytown in your neighborhood visit https://www.everytown.org/

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  1. Taking away guns from law abiding citizens isn’t Constitutional, especially when there’s a nonsensical effort to reduce law enforcement. I’m fortunate to live in a state where a law abiding citizen can obtain a CWW and I seldom leave home without the means to protect myself from criminals including mass shooters. I’ve been a customer with your company for years, and I was at your website looking to purchase two frames for recently purchased prints – but I don’t support companies that get involved in a controversial agenda. Regards…

  2. LOVE that you have this fundraiser for Every Town. I always liked your service and product.
    Now I love it! Carrying is a good look. Thx for carrying, Em

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