Empowering Artists with Disabilities: The Mission of Visionaries + Voices

Frame USA is thrilled to announce our May 2023 Charity of the Month: Visionaries + Voices. Giving back to our community and country is at the core of our business. We consider ourselves lucky to have been able to contribute to so many charity organizations throughout the years. Visionaries + Voices is an organization close to our hearts at Frame USA. So close in fact, they just happen to have a studio located in our building! Visionaries celebrated their 16th year at our location just this year. Throughout the past 16 years we’ve been so proud of their growth and dedication to artists with disabilities.

A Brief History of Visionaries + Voices

Established in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2003. Visionaries + Voices began with a simple yet powerful goal: to provide creative, professional, and educational opportunities to artists with disabilities. Over the years, the organization has grown significantly now over 140 artists create art at one of their two locations.

Artists with disabilities showcased on a banner celebrating 16 years at frame USA's tri-county location.

Empowering Artists with Disabilities

At the core of Visionaries + Voices’ mission is their dedication to empowering artists with disabilities. The organization doesn’t just want to provide a space for artists with disabilities to create and share works of art but actually grow as an artist. In particular, The V+V artists are given continuous opportunities to learn, develop professionally, collaborate, exhibit and celebrate their work with the community.

Programs and Services for their Artists

Presently, Visionaries + Voices offers a variety of programs and services designed to support individuals with disabilities who have shown a passion for art. Their programs include:

  • Studio Space
  • Art Supplies
  • Exhibition Opportunities
  • Professional Development
  • Sales Support

Support Visionaries + Voices

As Frame USA’s Charity of the Month for May 2023, $0.75 from every order of picture frames on FrameUSA.com will be donated directly to support Visionaries + Voices and its mission. By purchasing picture frames from Frame USA, you can help support artists with disabilities and promote a more inclusive community.

In addition, If you are interested in giving back to this organization even more and are local to Cincinnati, consider buying tickets to Double Vision XIV. Double Vision XIV is on Friday, May 2023 from 6:30 – 10:30 PM at Memorial Hall in OTR. This 14th annual fundraising event is a live art auction featuring artwork by the V+V artists. The event raises awareness and money to support V+V’s mission. It is one of the most creative events in Cincinnati!

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