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Here at Frame USA we pride ourselves on creating “Raving Fans” out of every one of our customers–no matter how big or small.

This starts on the front end with our sales/customer service and continues all the way through until you receive your orders. One of the ways that we try to create more “raving fans” from a sales perspective is to provide all of our customers and potential customers with the best prices on wholesale picture frames through our custom quotes.

Whenever you have a big job to do and you are looking for the best pricing around there are a couple different options for you to get a custom quote. If you are a new customer and you are looking for a quote, visit our website and click on the “special volume quote” box in the top right and you can enter all of the information for your custom quote. This will be sent
directly to our sales team and they will contact you and get a quote out within 8 hours of receiving it.

If you are more of a hands-on person feel free to call in to one of our sales team members and give the quote verbally over the phone. This way you can explain what you need the quote for and our sales team can make sure that we get you the best possible price.
If you’re already a customer feel free to email the quote details directly to one of our customer service or sales reps and they will make sure the information gets to the right people and you get the quote back within 8 hours.

It is our goal to provide all of our customers with the best possible price for their quote and by accurately getting all of the information involved by one of the above methods we can make sure that you are getting the best prices around. We hope to make each and every customer a raving fan by providing our custom wholesale photo frame quotes with the best prices around in 8 hours or less. We hope that you enjoy your picture frames and the way we treat you here at Frame USA!

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Offering picture frames, posters, art and more for over 30 years! has a great selection, low prices, fast delivery and friendly staff.

At Frame USA, we champion our craft. We make all of our art, frames, and more inside our warehouse. All wood frames produced from Frame USA are 100% made in America! We take great pride with that because not only are we able to produce everything in house, we are still able to offer highly competitive prices.

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