July Charities of The Month: Double Feature

We love to support charities that are doing good in communities. A lot of our local charities we support in a multitude of ways throughout the years. The biggest being our annual charity initiative, Fill The Truck. We have chosen two local charities to support for the July Charities of the Month: Princeton Closet and Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center. Both of these organizations are also a part of our Fill The Truck Initiative in December. Princeton Closet has been one of our charity choices for the past couple of years, so wanted to focus this blog post on Valley Interfaith to shed some light into the amazing community support they have been providing Cincinnati for the past 60 years.

Frame USA Charity Valley Interfaith

About Valley Interfaith

The organization started in 1963 by Virginia Weatherbie in a church basement. It has since grown into a community resource valued by many. The mission of this organization is simple: improve lives by providing emergency resources and social support. They accomplish this on a daily basis through their various programs. Their ultimate goal is to reduce the risk of hunger, crisis, and harm/victimization that many of our most vulnerable community members face.


Throughout the month of July proceeds from every order on Frameusa.com will go to both Princeton Closet and Valley Interfaith. The donation will go towards helping further their three main programs:

  • Emergency Resources
  • Crisis Prevention
  • Sustainability

Emergency Resources

Exactly as it sounds, this particular program provides resources to individuals facing emergencies. They provide a food pantry, clothing and housewares for individuals facing hard time. Allowing them to gain back a bit of their self-worth.

Crisis Prevention

They provide a victim advocate that will work with identified victims of crime in order for them to apply to the Victims Compensation Fund as well as providing direct services to victims using trauma informed care.


Valley Interfaith hosts a 10 week group workshop for mothers or women with youth in their care to start getting ahead. They will be able to build new supportive relationships and have a chance at a strong life they are able to continue living. To learn more about the program visit: https://www.vicrc.org/sustainability/

Consider donating additional funds to help further the reach of Valley Interfaith when you check out on frameusa.com today!

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