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Turn Any Space Into Your Very Own Art Gallery: Part One

Do you want your family’s pictures to not only remind you of great memories but also be a statement piece in your living room? Do you want to make your house guests feel as though they’ve entered a gallery when they walk through your door? If you want all of the above but are not quite sure how to achieve it, than this article on how to turn any space into your own art gallery is for you to read. We’re here to give you tips and tricks on how to keep your wall from starting like this:

The start of a gallery wall

And having it end up like this:

This is an example of a gallery wall gone wrong.

   There is a lot of anxiety when it comes to hanging picture frames. Placing a nail into your wall is extremely final and if you arbitrarily place one without properly planning where the best place to put the picture is then you’re bound to make the room off balance. That’s why our first tip when it comes to hanging frames, whether it’s a single frame or ten frames, is PLAN AHEAD. We have a trick that is guaranteed to make you think “huh! Why didn’t I think of that?” When you’re deciding on what arrangement of frames you like best, instead of just winging it, use pieces of paper cut to the size of a variety of different frames and tape them to your wall. Here at Frame USA, our sizes start as small as 4×6 and go as large as 27×41 depending on the molding. This is an easy way to find that arrangement you love without damaging your walls permanently. If you already have purchased the frames, you can lay out arrangements on your floor and take pictures of the ones you like best, that way you have a written plan of where each frame is going to go.

Placement of Paper.

With planning ahead in mind our second tip to creating a dynamic wall of pictures is MIX AND MATCH. When you are deciding on which frames you will choose for your space, don’t be stuck on getting all of the same size, step out of that frame (literally). The key to creating a unique picture collage wall is using a variety of frame shapes and sizes that work together to create a cohesive look. Frame USA offers a variety of moldings that are similar but still have a unique edge to them. Don’t be afraid to mix and match molding styles as well. If you’re nervous about that feel free to call and ask for suggestions on which styles pair nicely together. All of our frames have the ability to hang horizontally, or vertically­—use this to your advantage, create an arrangement that utilizes both horizontal frames as well as vertical frames.

Large picture frames can be a wonderful addition to your gallery wall if  you have the space. Our tip for you is to WATCH THE SPOTLIGHT. When you’re set out to create the gallery wall of your dreams, you don’t want to create one that has one or two images that draw attention the most. Large picture frames tend to hog the spotlight. Our trick when deciding on the size of picture frames is to exclude frames that take up more than a sixth of the available wall space. A successful gallery wall has unique images that act alone but stand together.

That’s all for now, but be on the lookout for Tips to turn any space into an Art Gallery: Part two!

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