Top Tips for Buying Picture Frames in Bulk: Wholesale Picture Frames and Mats

Frame USA has been in the art and framing world since 1983. We started out and have continued our business being experts when it comes to bulk picture frames. We understand the different components of framing and offer the services to make it easy. We’re here to explain why you should consider becoming a wholesale customer today!

Why Buy Picture Frames in Bulk?

The number one benefit of bulk framing is without a doubt cost savings. We offer a discount to our wholesale customers on just for being wholesale customers. In addition to that if you have BIG project that you are looking for thousands of frames for, we offer the ability to receive a custom quote with a variety of additional services available. Services such as drop shipping, individually boxed frames, printing, and media insertion. Read on to find out how just about anyone can become a wholesale customer on

How To Become A Wholesale

While a large percentage of our wholesale customers are businesses, we don’t limit who is able to become a wholesale customer through our website. There are two requirements to become a wholesale customer. Have a wholesale account on, either by registering or by sending an email to [email protected] if you are an existing customer. The only other requirement after that is spending at least $100 at the wholesale price. We don’t care about how many frames you are purchasing, if the cart is $100 then we consider you wholesale! If you are someone who likes to be able to switch out your home décor frequently, bulk picture frames and mats are going to be the way to go.

Watercolor Artist Jeanne Lampson frames her pieces with our Americana series

Choosing the Right Art Picture Frames Wholesale

With a wholesale account you can get multiple versions of frames and mats for less to accommodate your gallery wall. Buying bulk picture frames on a budget means you will be able to get MORE picture frames for the same price as if you were to purchase them as a retail customer.  The number of frames and mats that you can get for $100 will vary depending on the moulding, material, widths and sizes of the frames. Thin frames such as our Architect series will give you the ability to purchase more for less than if you were to go with a wider frame such as our Grande series.  The size of the frame will also impact the number of frames you are able to order for $100, the larger the frame size the more expensive the unit price will be!  

Retail Cart featuring 8 Frames and 8 Mats
for less than $175 before shipping
Bulk Picture Frames
Wholesale Cart featuring 12 Frames and 11 Mats
for less than $175 before shipping

We hope that you’ll consider becoming a wholesale customer for your next bulk project. For questions about pricing and what additional services we provide for our large wholesale bulk customers, send us an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-577-5920. Whatever the size of your framing project, Frame USA has you covered.

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