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We’re Art & Canvas so of course we love movies we have a variety of posters of from classic movies for all generations. These movies were so iconic they have made a lasting impression on the world to the point where they are talked about to our children and our children’s children. There is no set of guidelines to determine whether a movie will last for years to come, it just sort of happens.

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Scarface- Classic
Jaws – One Sheet
Fandom Star Wars Movie
Star Wars – Episode 4

In the past couple of years there has been a trend in the movie industry of remaking or expanding on classic movies years after the initial release. It seems like right now this trend is at its highest. The past couple of months there have been a few that have been making headlines. Jurassic World has shattered the box office, The Terminator Genysis came out July 1st and looks to be a thriller. Soon we will have a new Star Wars and Ghostbusters staring some pretty hilarious ladies. The main movie that sparked our interest in this trend was Terminator. We’re pretty big fans of the original movies so when we heard that another movie was coming out and that Arnold Schwarzenegger was to pick back his role up we were skeptical but intrigued.

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Terminator 2 – One Sheet
Terminator 2 – Collage
The Terminator – I’ll Be Back

While we have yet to see the film so we can’t tell you how it is, it did get us thinking on whether recreating or expanding on classic movies is a good thing or if it is a bad thing. The verdict is still out but here are some pros and cons of the whole thing.

One of the biggest pros is it allows all the original viewers of these movies to relive their time with the classics, even if the recreation falls slightly short of their expectations. When Toy Story 3 came out the theater wasn’t filled with children it was filled with adults who grew up watching the previous movies, who grew up with Andy and his toys. When Jurassic World came out people remembered cowering in their seats at the carnivores chomping away and how awesome it would be if we all could have a pet dinosaur. That emotion that you feel during a movie is what hooks you and makes you enjoy the expansion or the remake. It brings you back to your childhood where times were simple.

The con is that the children of today’s world (who don’t have wise parents, aunts and uncles, or grandparents to enlighten them) won’t ever see the classics. Why choose the broken down pick up when you could have the shiny new Ferrari? Its their loved ones excitement for the classic that makes them jump on board and be pulled in.

The classics don’t have the technology that the newer movies have, although it may have been awesome when you first saw the movie (and probably still is in your eyes) but kids seeing these movies that have special effects not created on the computer but rather by crafty camera angels and green screens are only seeing cheesy movies that don’t grab their attention.

The one thing that classic movie remakes and the expansions do provide is for a way for our kids, nieces, nephews, granddaughters and grandsons to connect with us by letting them see a form of something we love in a medium that they enjoy.

What do you think? Should classic movies be remade or expanded upon?

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One comment

  1. No.. Classic Movies should Absolutely NOT be Remade. That’s how they stay Classic Movies. Now they just remade the Classic movie The Color Purple..
    Seriously.. So.. No longer a Classic Movie.
    And when they remake Gone With the awning. Or Jaws or Revenge of the Nerds, or Die Hard… or even a crazy movie like Sharknado.. which is believe it or a Classic, you Kill the whole concept of having a Classic Movie.

    People think that by changing the cast they can recreate the same effects.. but you can’t. That’s like trying to redo White Men Can’t Jump without Woody and Wesley or Trading Places without Eddie and Dan. You can’t do a Laurel and Hardie movie without Laurel and Hardie. Or a Spaghetti Western without Clint Eastwood.

    These Young people now have NO Imagination. They can’t create anything without Stealing something from someone else. Not just movies but music as well. Just listen to any music. Especially rap music. That’s all stolen from songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. They just ad a bunch of cuss words, call it hip hop and these kids eat it up. No Imagination. Again.. Remakes of Classic music.

    So.. Leave the Classics Alone and try to CREAT something New!! Nee Music and New Movies and New TV shows.


    And no more Star Trek rip offs we’re tired of those also.. and I’m an original Trekkie.

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