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Weekly Picture Frame Sale – 3/24 – 3/31

Some of the best frames are also the most simple. That’s the idea behind this week’s picture frame sale of the week.

Whether you’re looking for a standard 2″ (or more) 8×10 frame or a cheap, high-quality frame to handle a large amount of your work, you won’t be disappointed with this week’s frame sales. The theme this week is simple and cheap framing; or frames that will bring out the best look in your art without taking away from the look of your art. There is a fine balance between “simple” and “accenting” that you must find, so minimalist pieces will always look good in the CBG frames.

If you’re going for archival, museum quality framing, you may want to have a look at the premium wood 8×10 closeout frames. They are indeed Closeouts, and therefore very cheap to begin with, but also feature our more substantial mouldings.

So, which sale would be best for you? That’s a decision that you’ll have to make! You can combine them both in the same order though, if you prefer. These sales come out every Monday, so be sure to check in regularly and stay up on the latest deals from Frame USA and FrameCloseouts!


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Changes in Styrene Cost – Frame USA

Frame USA has been using a product called styrene—which is a plexiglass type material– in our larger picture frames since we began operations over 30 years ago.

For most of this time the styrene used in our picture frames has been purchased domestically from a large plastic manufacturer in the United States.

In the 4th quarter of 2013, this plastic manufacturer, through its distributor, came to us and let us know that they were raising the price of our styrene product by 67% over the first six months of 2014. This huge price increase came despite almost no increase in raw materials prices or resin increases. According to the sales manager at this manufacturer, “we believe the styrene product was undervalued in the marketplace” and this lead to the incredibly large 67% increase that is taking place.

“We want our customers to know that we are shocked at our vendor’s behavior which has lead to a major increases in our product prices effective today”, said Daniel P. Regenold, CEO of Frame USA. We are even more shocked that a vendor we have worked with for such a long time would take such negative action.

This increase in price is happening after consolidation in the clear styrene market took place in the last several years.

Frame USA is taking every step possible to find a more stable source of plastic material that will go in our picture frames in the future. We will not allow one company to artificially move the market price of material used in our American Made picture frames to the detriment of our customers. We are sorry about the need to increase our prices of our picture frames because of this unwarranted large raw material price increase.

Dan Regenold, CEO
Frame USA
Posterservice, Inc.

Frame USA attends West Coast Art and Frame Show 2014

Next week, we’ll be traveling to Las Vegas for the next installment of the West Coast Art and Frame show. We’ll be joined by some of the biggest names in the industry (Larson Juhl, Tru-View, Pictureframes.com, etc.) as well as hundreds of small business owners, custom framers and artists. We’re excited for this opportunity to interact with others in our industry!

The art and framing industry is constantly changing, and it’s a great time to be a part of it all. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates and the latest news from the show. For a live feed of how things are going, search for #WCAF (our official hashtag for the West Coast Art and Frame show). We look forward to seeing you there!

Check out some of last year’s photos below! This year’s booth is #1039.

FrameUSA's WCAF Booth - Kelly

FrameUSA's WCAF Booth

Some fast framing facts:

In 2012, out of 2,600 American consumers, half of them made some form of purchase in regards to wall art, decor, or some sort of framing.

The top 3 factors influencing a customer’s purchase of a custome frame job are trust, confidence and choice of materials.

45% of customers who classify as “collectors” have multiple items waiting to be framed.

Custom framing customers once had an older audience – the most recent reports show that 56% of customers are at the age of 44 are younger. Customers also tend to be male – about 59%.


Source: Tru View marketing research and Unity Marketing

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Frame USA DIY Picture Frames Featured in HGTV Magazine!

HGTV Uses Frame USA Picture Frames in HGTV Magazine’s DIY Feature

If you haven’t seen the recent post by Molly Mesnick (Bachelor ’13 winner), you may have missed the exciting DIY projects that our customers have been doing! (Don’t worry, you can find her blog post right here!) Along with the cool projects Molly mentioned, we also had a customer from HGTV order some of our Clean Cut White frames for a special segment on DIY picture frames!

Picture Frames

Our frame can be seen in their flash card example – They spray painted our Clean Cut White frame to match the color of the card! How cool is that?

Needless to say, we were thrilled to see both posts! Aside from being obvious good business plugs, we love seeing our frames put to use in creative ways. From matching colors with spray paint to re-wrapping our moulding with colorful patterns, we’ve seen a lot of great DIY concepts for our picture frames. In fact, many of our products end up on Etsy stores, where customers will use our frames in their artwork or craft projects and sell it as its own photo frame! Even better is the price point, where customers can make a nice profit from their work from simply decorating a frame to their heart’s content!

What exciting kinds of DIY projects have you found? If you haven’t caught up on this trend of cost-saving and niche design, have a look at Pinterest (making an account is free!) and search “DIY”. You’ll find some great inspiration for your own hand-made projects, whether that’s picture frames or making your own furniture! You can also follow us on Pinterest while you’re at it, where we not only share information on picture frames, but also DIY inspiration as well!

What other sorts of fun projects have you taken lately? Leave a comment below and we’d be glad to feature it in a future blog!

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Wholesale Wood Picture Frame Options

We’ve talked about real wood picture frames vs. our eco-friendly composite frames on our blog before. The information holds true–if you’re looking for your frames to look more rustic or have a real wood grain, then you’ll want to by a real wood frame. If you’re looking for something that is smooth, sleek and all of the frames need to look identical, go with our eco-friendly wrapped frames.

Frame USA CEO Dan Regenold took some time to discuss the difference between the two as it applies to wholesale buyers. Have a look and see what’s best for you!

For more information, fill out our quote form and we’ll do our best to help you find what you need at a great price!

High Volume Picture Frames

What is a volume frame quote?

When you have a project that you want to get off the drawing board, Frame USA is the company to contact.  From some of the largest restaurants, hotel chains, casinos and businesses in the world, we have worked with companies to frame their most important collectables, awards, or marketing materials.  Our frames have even been used by the Guinness Book of World Records, each time a new record is given out.  How cool is that?

Maybe you are giving out certificates to your employees, redecorating your office walls, sprucing up the conference room, or working on a project for a client?  Frame USA offers special volume quotes to meet any and all of your framing needs.  Wholesale picture frames are what we do best here at Frame USA.  No matter your picture frame need, we can fulfill it!

More about bulk frame pricing and business framing.

Requesting a volume quote is easy!  Just fill out our custom quote form here!  The details on this form help us to know what you are looking for, and assign the best qualified representative to help you with your picture framing needs.  We’ve even created a video to walk you through the step by step process of how to request a volume quote here.

Who can fill out a volume quote form?  The answer is easy, anyone can!  If you own your own business, work as a distributor, lead a fraternity or sorority, or run school’s PTA, the custom quote form could be for you.  We want to help you make your next project a success, and are confident in our abilities to do so.

Our sales team is standing by and ready to get to work immediately upon receiving your volume quote request.  Here at Frame USA, we pride ourselves on creating Raving Fans.  One of the main ways we do this is with our timely and accurate responses to our customers.  We guarantee all of our quotes to be completed and returned to you within 8 business hours of us receiving your request.

By ordering directly from Frame USA, Inc. you are ordering directly from the manufacturer.   In many cases we can ship your product in bulk or drop ship your product to retail stores or offices across the United States or the world.   With Frame USA and on our website at www.frameusa.com, we combine great quality from manufacturing in the United States with a design team that can help you make your project happen.   Contact us today.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Wholesale Picture Frame Quotes

Here at Frame USA we pride ourselves on creating “Raving Fans” out of every one of our customers–no matter how big or small.

This starts on the front end with our sales/customer service and continues all the way through until you receive your orders. One of the ways that we try to create more “raving fans” from a sales perspective is to provide all of our customers and potential customers with the best prices on wholesale picture frames through our custom quotes.

Whenever you have a big job to do and you are looking for the best pricing around there are a couple different options for you to get a custom quote. If you are a new customer and you are looking for a quote, visit our website and click on the “special volume quote” box in the top right and you can enter all of the information for your custom quote. This will be sent
directly to our sales team and they will contact you and get a quote out within 8 hours of receiving it.

If you are more of a hands-on person feel free to call in to one of our sales team members and give the quote verbally over the phone. This way you can explain what you need the quote for and our sales team can make sure that we get you the best possible price.
If you’re already a customer feel free to email the quote details directly to one of our customer service or sales reps and they will make sure the information gets to the right people and you get the quote back within 8 hours.

It is our goal to provide all of our customers with the best possible price for their quote and by accurately getting all of the information involved by one of the above methods we can make sure that you are getting the best prices around. We hope to make each and every customer a raving fan and by providing our custom quotes with the best prices around in 8 hours or
less. We hope that you enjoy your picture frames and the way we treat you here at Frame USA!