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Many people feel picture framing is an intricate and time consuming task.  We want you to know that it doesn’t always have to be!  We know often times the endless amounts of matting, framing, and glass options, picture framing can be overwhelming. Based on the outcome you’re looking for though, there a few photo framing tips and tricks you can follow to make picture framing easier.

The picture frame should complement the image it is housing as well as the space where it’s hung. If you’re hanging artwork in a modern looking room then you’d want to avoid using an oddly shaped frame. On the other spectrum, if the room has a more classic feel, then the best advice would be to stay away from shiny, polished metal or modern looking picture frames.

Color picture frames can be instrumental in bringing your artwork to life. Choosing a white picture frame or a gold picture frame is a guaranteed way to make your art pop, you just have to be mindful not to select a frame that clashes with what’s being hung.

Colorful Metal Picture Frames
Colorful Metal Picture Frames

The type of picture frame you opt for is just as important as your color selection. Wood picture frames are the most popular and traditional frames due to their versatility. Wood can be stained in a variety of colors and already come in various themes such as the rustic wood frames or the driftwood picture frames. On the other end of the spectrum, metal picture frames are more practical based on their material and tend to last a lot longer.

Wood Picture Frames
Wood Picture Frames

Be aware of how you hang your pictures:

  • Frames ideally should be hung at eye level, not too high and not too low, about 60 inches (or 5 feet) above the ground.
  • When hanging a picture above a table you want to leave 4-8 inches of space between the bottom of the picture frame and the top of the table.
  • If you’re hanging a picture frame above a couch or other piece of furniture there should be a 3-6 inch space between the furniture and the picture frame.
  • Try to avoid hanging your artwork in direct sunlight. The purpose of framing art is to make it look nice and protect it, sunlight and moisture are detrimental to this.
  • Place your framing wire as close to the top of the picture frame as you can. Doing this helps keep your picture flat against the wall by raising the pictures center of gravity.

Men Hanging Art

When choosing a mat for your artwork, the basic principle is that the mat should be lighter than the artwork or picture but darker than the wall. The mat is there to provide visual space between your picture, the frame and the wall. People often make the mistake of getting too fancy when choosing a mat which in turn takes away from the artwork.

Put these photo framing tips into action when framing your next picture and find out how easy picture framing really is. If you have any questions, we over here at Frame USA would be more than happy to assist you. Good luck on your next project.

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  1. That’s a good tip to have a frame match the room. I didn’t know that modern rooms specifically worked well with streamlined frames though. My room uses a lot of classic looking furniture; would a more ornate frame work here?

    • An ornate frame would definitely work with your classic furniture. Overall style and art is up to interpretation so my number one rule would be go with what you like.

  2. It sure was nice how you pointed out that when it comes to hanging a picture frame, it should be settled at eye level and not too high or too low. I will be sure to remember that since I am planning to buy a frame soon for my graduation picture. I liked your suggestion because I do want to be reminded of that special day always by being able to see it every day. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for that tip to keep frames at eye level. I guess that’s just good design practice. I’m re-outfitting my living room, so I’ll have to arrange photos.

  4. I appreciate the tip about hanging the picture frame about 4 to 8 inches from the surface of a table if it will be hung right above it. I will mention this to my husband since he is planning to hang our wedding photos inside his office area inside the house. Knowing him, he will probably put them in a place where he can see them, and that means he will put them right above his table. Thank you for the piece of advice.

  5. These types of tips are very helpful in framing picture and makes picture good in seeing well although there are best ways which you can apply to hang picture walls quickly without any hassle. Those tips can be easily found on blogs or websites or reading the reviews on team of art picture hanging in San Diego or further.

  6. Thanks for explaining that there should be at least three inches between the picture frame and the top of the couch it’s hanging above. I’m thinking about shopping for some contemporary art prints to hang in the living room of my new apartment. Keeping your tips in mind should help the room look organized and stylish when it’s finished!

  7. I hadn’t thought of putting artwork away from direct sunlight, so I appreciate that you mentioned that it will help protect it. We are looking to get some artwork that we could frame and hang in our home, and it will be important for us to take good care of it, so it could look great for a long time. I will be sure to consider where the direct sunlight will hit in our home, so we could avoid putting the artwork there.

  8. I never knew that wood is one of the most popular options when it comes to frames because of the versatility of the material. This information will probably be useful to my newly-wedded friends, who want to display their photo in the master’s bedroom. Maybe I should tell her to invest in customized framing to ensure that their picture will be preserved properly.

    • Wood is definitely one of our top selling categories! If your friend has a bunch of images that she wants custom framed for a fantastic price, tell her to check out our Design a Frame feature. She’ll be able to upload her wedding pictures and pick out custom frames and mats and they’ll be framed by the folks in our custom framing shop! https://www.frameusa.com/design-a-frame

  9. I like photography, and I have always wanted to have my favorite photo put into a photo frame.
    Thanks for letting me know that frames should be hung at eye level, meaning, not too high or not too low. I find your article helpful!. It helped me understand the importance of getting the perfect frame for my newly built house when you mentioned that the picture frame should complement the image where you will hang it and consider the space.

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