Picture Frame Hanging Options

At Frame USA, we offer multiple picture frame hanging options for the wide variety of projects that our customers have. Whether you’re displaying large posters, floating canvases, family photos or art prints, we want to assure you: these picture frame mouldings are built to last, and our hanging systems will perfectly fit your needs.

To find more information about hanging your picture frames, see the video below. You can also call customer service toll-free at 1-800-577-5920 or email us: [email protected]!

For the typical sawtooth hanger, you will simply take the metal piece and hammer it lightly into to wood so that the “teeth” are outside, facing downward. Don’t be shy to hammer this in–our frames are sturdy and you want to be sure your frame stays on the wall!

Photo reference of our sawtooth hanger attachment:

Picture frames
The back of our standard picture frame. Taped to the top is our sawtooth hanger. Poster frames come with a hanger attached to the backing, and wire hangers can be requested for larger pieces.
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