Make Your Bathroom Look Awesome: 3 Important Framing Tips

Just because the bathroom is mostly utilitarian doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be lovingly decorated. In fact, sprucing up the bathroom with the right décor can give you the emotional boost you need in the morning to stay in a good mood all day. Here’s how you can transform your bathroom with these 3 picture hanging techniques!

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Be Mindful of Your Frames

Humidity is the biggest consideration when decorating the bathroom with framed pictures. Wood frames will react to the excess moisture in the air and expand and contract with temperature changes. This means there is a higher chance that the frame will warp, or even get taken over by mold. Make sure to use a frame that is waterproofed if it is made of wood. Frames that are made of plastic or metal will be more resistant to temperature changes and humidity. These are safer bets.

Protect Your Artwork

It is important to protect your artwork for the same reasons why it is important to protect your frame. Humidity can seep into the frame backing and do water damage to your picture, causing warping and decay. To combat this, either seal the frame itself or use laminated prints. Lamination effectively waterproofs the artwork. If that is not feasible, the next best solution is to use artwork that is easily replaceable or to simply use pieces that you wouldn’t mind getting damaged. Be sure to keep the bathroom well ventilated by using the exhaust fan during and after showers. Keeping the door and windows open when possible also helps.

In any case, avoid things that are difficult to replace, like original paintings, vintage works, and limited edition prints. The risk of damage is just too high. For the same reason, décor made of non-paper materials like metal and ceramic are considered to be safe for the bathroom.

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Subject Matter

For many, the bathroom is the first place you go to when you start the day. It is where most of your morning routine happens, so having décor that is creative, inspirational, and life-affirming can help you greet the day with a good mood.

Typographic prints make great bathroom décor because they give you the chance to start your day energized by your favorite personal mottoes (besides, everyone needs reading material sometimes, right?)

Nature-themed artwork also works well in the bathroom because it brings some outdoorsy flavor into an otherwise sterile, enclosed, and usually windowless environment. Prints featuring plants, animals, and landscapes can help “open up” the room and give the feeling that it is more spacious than it actually is, bringing forth a greater sense of peace and relaxation.

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