Framing Tips to Frame Like an Expert

being an eCommerce website the only thing that we’re able to do for those customers unable to bring their pieces directly to our retail store is provide them with framing tips in order to frame their pieces like an expert.

We went to the one person who would be able to provide the best framing tips for our customers, our retail store manager, Patrick Espy. These tips for framing art are all about easy simple things that anyone can do regardless of expertise. They are also all things available on

Match Textures

If you are framing a piece of art that has texture to it, whether its physical texture or printed-on texture Patrick recommends trying to find a picture frame that mimics the texture. If you are framing a forest scene, choose a rustic photo frame to mimic the wood of the trees. Have a photograph of a classic car or motorcycle? choose a metal frame to match the metallic paint job.

Indian Scout by Terry Pastor from framed with Metal I Red

Upgrade Backing

Depending on the size of the frame that you are purchasing from it will come standard with either a black chipboard backing (either with easels or without) or cardboard. Patrick recommends that if you are looking for your piece to have a professional look to upgrade to foam core.

You can do this in one of two ways. If you are wanting the foam core to be acid-free, use our Design a Frame feature and with that, you’re given the option of white or black foam core. The Black Foam Core option is an acid-free backing. The other option is through any of the custom tabs on our frame pages. This particular upgrade will be a white foam core.

When In Doubt, Choose Neutral

If you know that you would like a mat but are struggling to choose which color to go with your piece. Patrick recommends choosing a neutral, either Black, Grey, White or beige. These particular colored mats will complement almost every piece. His personal favorite among our mats? White Sales. This acid-free mat is an off-white mat that will not only protect your artwork but will provide a crisp clean line without being too bright.

Add Contrast with Black Core

A great way to add contrast to a piece is by selecting a mat with an inner black core. While traditional standard matting will give off a thin off the white edge, our black core mats replace this with an inner black core. Choosing a lighter color mat with a black core will give the illusion of depth to the piece, by separating each layer of the framing project.

Two is Better than One

If you are deciding to add matting to your piece. Patrick recommends that you consider adding a double or even triple mat instead of just a single mat. He recommends choosing a colored mat for the inside bottom mat and choosing a color that will make the piece pop. Want to elevate your piece even further? He highly recommends adding fun corners to your piece to really make it stand out.

Bonus Framing Tip: Skip Multiple Openings

Patrick couldn’t stop himself with just 5 framing tips, he had to add a bonus one! If you are looking to have multiple images framed, Patrick recommends ditching the idea of multiple openings in one frame and instead of going for a gallery wall. By selecting a uniform look of the same frame and matting for each image you will achieve the same vibe as having them in one frame but the overall impact of the images will be grander and be way more of a statement than just a singular frame.

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