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Have you patronized a business only to walk away feeling less than happy with the service you received?  Worse yet, have you left that business vowing to never return because the service was so poor?  Face it, we all have had these experiences and it doesn’t bode well for business.  At Frame USA, our culture is to create Raving Fans.  What’s a Raving Fan you ask?  A Raving Fan (according to the book Raving Fans authored by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles) is a customer that is more than just satisfied with services and products….they RAVE happily about them.  Raving Fans return to a business not just because they are the lowest cost, or because the products are extraordinarily made; they return because they are thrilled with the service from the minute they view the company’s websites to the minute they receive their product.  Not only that, these customers RAVE about the company and the service to all their friends and family so those people will want to see and experience it for themselves!

At Frame USA, creating Raving Fans online is a part of our culture each and every day. This culture is instilled in every employee beginning their very first day in new-hire orientation to the company.  We provide employees with the book Raving Fans to read so they obtain a better understanding of our company manta and culture.

The way we take care of our customers and vendors is mainly by listening to their needs and concerns and then quickly reacting.  One of the ways we have recently created Raving Fans is by changing our shipping policy from 7-10 days to 5-7 days and in some instances shipping is free!!

The Raving Fan mantra isn’t just limited to our external customers and vendors.  Employees are encouraged to create INTERNAL Raving Fans as well.  Internal Raving Fans (our fellow employees) are just as important as our external customers in making this a successful business!

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At Frame USA, we champion our craft. We make all of our art, frames, and more inside our warehouse. All wood frames produced from Frame USA are 100% made in America! We take great pride with that because not only are we able to produce everything in house, we are still able to offer highly competitive prices.

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