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Pizza places across America have added a comment box to their online ordering, where you can add information about your ordering or leave a thank you.  However, some adventurous consumers have decided to stretch the boundaries of what they can request.  If you search “draw something on my pizza box” online, you will find a large array of art that has not only been drawn on the boxes, but includes cutting shapes into the pizza and creating all sorts of interesting items.

You would think that companies would scoff off such requests, seeing as they are not part of a normal request.  On the contrary, companies know that giving the customer what they request not only makes them happy, but gives the customer a reason to come back.  At Frame USA we work really hard to make our customers happy and to insure their return business.

We have had the interesting opportunity to do this with a customer, not once, but twice!  The customer had placed an order and added the comment to draw  “something really silly” on the box  and Lauren Hicks, an artist we have working in the Retail Store, drew a puffin with the caption “Erry Day I’m Puffilin” (see picture) which is a play on the hook from the  popular song by LMAFO “Party Rock Anthem.”  The customer came back quickly with another order and a note that said “The puffin was amazing!  Can you now draw the most awesomest scenario!”  For this one, Jen Miller, Sales Operations Analyst and artist as well, drew a picture of a Pirate playing jump-rope with a Mummy and The Blob!

Jen Miller is quite imaginative...
Jen Miller is quite imaginative…

About three or four days after we sent out the order with the second picture, we received an email from the customer that had a great subject line!  It said: “Seriously, who do I marry for drawing these?” The body of the email said “Amazing. I want to buy another frame just to frame this. YESSS!”  This has been a very fun and interesting turn of events.  However, the reward for the small effort to make the customer happy is the best payoff!  We can’t wait for the next opportunity to create a Raving Fan!

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