The Ehlers-Danlos Society – March Charity of The Month

Imagine waking up in pain, going to work in pain, eating dinner in pain, going to sleep in pain. This is the reality for many people who suffer from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

Ehlers-Danlos syndromes are a group of inherited disorders that affect your connective tissues; primarily your skin, joints, and blood vessel walls. Connective tissue provides strength and elasticity to the underlying structures in your body. There are currently thirteen different types that make up the syndrome.

The most common signs and symptoms include overly flexible joints, stretchy skin, and fragile skin. Comorbidities are common for individuals with EDS.

Overall, about 1 in 3,500 to 1 in 5,000 people have been diagnosed with EDS, which puts this particular syndrome in the rare disease category. There is currently no cure for this syndrome only treatments for particular symptoms. The Ehlers-Danlos Society is on the mission to change that.

This charity in particular is close to my heart and one of the reasons I chose it for’s March charity of the month. Both my sisters have EDS specifically the hypermobile subtype. I have lived a good portion of my adult life seeing the challenges they have faced as well as the modifications they have had to use in order to live their lives on a pain scale of less than a solid 8.

About The Ehlers-Danlos Society

A global community of individuals, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and supporters, all of whom are dedicated to saving and improving the lives of those affected by the EDS and related conditions comprise the Ehlers-Danlos Society.

Their goals are worldwide awareness and a better quality of life for all who suffer from these conditions. Research is at the center, so that one day there may be a cure. Many around the world face a diagnostic odyssey: years, sometimes lifetimes, fighting for recognition, diagnosis, and care. The Ehlers-Danlos Society is working towards a time when geography and wealth no longer determine your quality of life.

If you or someone you know feel as though you may have Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes. Please visit and talk to your doctor.

In conclusion, In February, Frame USA will be donating $0.75 from every framing order to The Ehlers-Danlos Society.

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  1. This caught my attention because I have Ehlers Danlos too, thank you to the charity for their work and to frame USA for supporting them.

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