Raving Fans

Made in America: The Importance of Shopping “Made in USA”

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Most of you are familiar with ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer who began a “Made in America” pledge last year by claiming that if every American spent $3.33 on U.S.-made goods, it would create almost 10,000 new jobs in the country. She urged viewers to pledge to take a look at their yearly purchases and increase the percentage of goods purchased that are…

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Frame USA’s Raving Fans

Have you patronized a business only to walk away feeling less than happy with the service you received?  Worse yet, have you left that business vowing to never return because the service was so poor?  Face it, we all have had these experiences and it doesn’t bode well for business.  At Frame USA, our culture is to create Raving Fans. …

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Custom Picture Framing

business picture frames

Custom retail framing is significantly different than wholesale and bulk buying.  The advantage to retail, is that you get to personalize that final product every step of the way, and you get to see it on the artwork before you purchase! Instead of seeing the products separately in an online forum, you can actually stack the products, mix and match,…

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Picture Frame Quality

Picture Frame Quality

As we peruse the World Wide Web and dig around looking for references to Frame USA and picture frames, we have seen many questions and comments about the quality of picture frames from various manufacturers across the net. We’ll say it again and again, and then one more time.. We are dedicated to creating raving fans of our frame products…

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“The Bachelor” Uses Frame USA Glory Metal Frames

Frame USA Picture Frames Used On The Bachelor

Stars from “The Bachelor” recently entered a competition to break the world record for “The World’s longest on-screen kiss.” Fortunately for contestants Sean Lowe and Lesley Murphy, they were able to last  three minutes and 22 seconds – a whole seven seconds longer than the previous record. This scored them both an unforgettable memory and their very own framed award from the…

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