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Custom Framing

Custom Framing by Our Retail Team and Online

Frame USA Offers a Variety of Custom Framing Options to Make You the Perfect Frame

Here at Frame USA we run a retail store, an online store, and a full production warehouse all at our location in Cincinnati, Ohio. Every part of our team works hard to make Frame USA run smoothly and make the best quality products for our customers. However, this week we’d like to highlight the beautiful custom framing work done by our retail team!

Custom Frameing     Custom Framing Custom Framing

Our team layered multiple mats of different sizes and colors to give dimension to the frames and the artwork. They also used our engraving technology to add details to the frame in the first image. Customers can bring in their artwork or images to our retail store and use the expertise of our team to have them create the perfect unique frame for their piece. One of a kind custom ready made frames can also be bought in our retail store.

However, if you’re not located in Cincinnati or don’t have the time to visit our store, you can still get a custom frame! Our website also has a section for you to customize a frame specific to the size, material, mat, glazing, colors, etc. that you’d like. We’re proud of the creative work our retail team does on custom framing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t design a frame on your own.

If you just want a frame to be engraved, we also have a section on our website that allows you to customize your own engraving on a frame. The options for custom framing with Frame USA endless! Whether you want in person help from our creative and experienced retail team, or you want to design a frame yourself through our website, Frame USA is the perfect place for custom framing.

Digital Media – An Exciting Journey

Marketing Guru Seth Godin said it best, “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” I truly believe that companies who craft products while actively listening and catering to the customer’s needs are truly the most successful in delivering spectacular products and services tailored to the needs of beloved customers.


To introduce myself, my name is Shreya Singh – the latest addition to the Frame USA team as the SEO coordinator. I am passionate about digital marketing and making an impact while following the aforementioned philosophy – by understanding what our customers are really looking for and striving to make sure our customers have nothing less than a delightful experience with our products and services. I am a recent MS Marketing graduate from the University of Cincinnati and my areas of interest are content marketing, social media marketing and digital analytics. Apart from my formal degree, I’ve obtained certifications to keep my skills relevant and I recently completed the Advanced Google Analytics Certification Program.  Also, I do have experience working in different aspects of digital marketing for IT and Retails industries.

I am very eager, determined, and excited to learn more about digital marketing professionally as the industry evolves. I am amazed by the dynamic nature of marketing aided by technology today which has just empowered us with so much more. So, I aim to leverage it to serve our customer needs in a better manner.

FrameUSA serves its customers with American made products in a great way and I am excited to help improve the digital experience we provide to our customers.  As said in the quote below, building a life which you thoroughly enjoy and are excited about is important. That being said, we aim to help preserve our customer’s cherished memories by providing thousands of affordable picture frames.




Don’t forget to return to our blog for more exciting and interesting updates from FRAME USA.  We would also love to hear about your stories and experiences with us. Please share them with us on any of our social media channels which can be accessed through the links below and it would give us the motivation to keep going.

Our new manager - Jay

Remodeled Picture Frame Retail Store — to Open November 1 in Cincinnati, OH

So why do you change something as successful as the Frame USA Retail Outlet at our Headquarters in Cincinnati?    Four Reasons:

1)      Our new manager - Jay We are looking to improve the customer experience in the store.   By moving the counters up closer to the entrance of the store we want to greet you and deal with you in a way that will help us fulfill our mission of creating Ravings Fans*.    Our new manager Jay Scozzafava has been chosen specifically on his ability to deliver a great customer experience.   (His past involvement with Chick Fil A—a great foundation). Picture Frame Store Counter

2)      We want to introduce you to our new exciting Build-A-Frame concept that will be available on our web site within the next two weeks.   When you walk into the store you will see virtually a live copy of frameusa.com.    All of our made-in-America mouldings will be all together on the wall in a real frame where you can pick out the one that best fits from your artwork or picture.

Then, you will be able to tell us what you want us to build the frame with—including mats, glass options, backing options and more.   We’ll even print your picture for you.    This one step process (because we are utilizing our whole building full of inventory) will allow us to have our warehouse manufacture your frame with in-stock materials and have it ready for you within 48 hours.

Once we have given you a chance to work with Build-A-Frame and kick the tires you’ll be able to order your own frames from home at http://www.frameusa.com, or come to the store if you feel you need a little hand-holding or advice from a professional. Frame Store Remodeling

3)    Value.   When we first opening this facility ten years ago our real vision (other than to create Raving Fans) was to create value for the customer.     Where else could we take $1 million in picture frame inventory and mix it up with people and combine all of this into an incredible value driven custom frame for you?   Because we are changing the way your frame is manufactured and better utilizing our mass production techniques (Henry Ford here we are…), we will be able to save you tons of money.   This won’t be a la Groupon 50% off type of savings where you don’t really know what you are getting….this will be real savings and you’ll see it whenever you come into the store.     When you come in and see the first price that you get on your first frame we’re hoping you pass on the good news.

4)    Offer Great Closeouts—We manufacture thousands of picture frames everyday and some come off the line a little beat up with imperfections and we set them aside into our closeout area which now has over 27,000 closeout frames in stock (www.framecloseouts.com).   Some come back to us for a variety of reasons—including people ordering wrong sizes, colors, etc.     What could be more fun than us passing these along to you for about ½ of the price?   Offering these closeouts in the store is a bargain shopper’s delight and we want you there picking and choosing the best closeout frames in our retail store.

   Retail Store Remodeling You may think that it sounds like we are promising a lot in the new location.    The store is really coming along and we being final prep this week for opening on November 1.    Take a look at our new manager, Jay, and a few pictures of the retail store.      We’re excited about welcoming you and giving you a great opportunity to try our new array of products and services.