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Kids room Wall Cluster with frames from Frame USA

Gallery Walls Interior Design

Sometimes you want to reinvigorate the interior design of a room that’s maybe gone stale. Maybe you still like the color scheme and the furniture but it feels like it needs a little…something. Something to give it some new life. One trend that’s hot right now in decor is gallery walls or frame clusters. This is a method of grouping picture frames of varying sizes and profiles, though similar in style, on a wall or in an area to give that spot a theme. The idea for your frame cluster can be broad or specific. You can use framed posters, art or photos to create a sort of mini-environment; a photo wall that feels like a special part of the room. Using frames this way helps to give the room a bit of purpose and personality.

Maybe you don’t have a spare room to set up as a home office, so you’ve pushed a small desk into a corner of your bedroom or dining room from which to do some work. It just feels a little out of place and intrusive just stuck in there like that because it’s so solitary. Use the two walls that form the corner you have it in and put together your Office Gallery Wall. At Frame USA we have a number of different wood picture frames that would be perfect for creating this effect. Three frames that would be ideal for this would be our

Diploma Wide Windsor Mahogany
Diploma Wide Windsor Mahogany

Boardroom Certificate in mahogany, our Classic series in black and our Executive in Library Mahogany.

Making sure to choose different sizes and orientations (some portrait, some landscape) choose images that are calm and neutral. Maybe black and white photos of landscape and architecture. Illustrations and line art in muted colors are also good for creating an office feel, and of course, any business certificates you may have that you like to display. Then, working at about two thirds up the wall from the surface of your desk, begin arranging your cluster of picture frames. With sizes ranging from 5×7 to 11×17 (probably not much bigger than 16×20) you can put your biggest in the center and put your smaller frames along the outside. You can do the opposite approach and put your biggest frames on the outside and get smaller as you near the center. There are an infinite number of ways to arrange your picture frames. If your office is in the corner, use both walls that create the corner. This gives your spot the feel of a separate space, not just a haphazardly placed desk shoved into a room for necessity.

Using wall gallery picture frame clusters can create interest in different settings. In the kids’ room there might be a lot of posters and colorful, whimsical art. Our

Colori Medium Yellow
Colori Medium Yellow

Colori picture frames come in many fun, vibrant colors and putting a wall gallery above a child’s bed would give them a place all to themselves where they can daydream happily.

In the dining room, maybe you have a bare wall that could use a little something. A cluster of frames showing family photos in a rustic picture frame like our Appalachian Barnwood frames might be just

Appalachian Barnwood Grey
Appalachian Barnwood Grey

the thing to give it the warmth you’ve been looking for.

Picture frame clusters are a fun and easy way to turn any old room into a unique gallery that says something personal about how you like to enjoy that space. Create a photo wall that reflects what you want that room to say.

Kids room Wall Cluster with frames from Frame USA
Kids room Wall Cluster


Making A Frame Collage

Picture Frame Clock
Photo Courtesy: Nathan Tribbett

Sometimes your regular, run-of-the-mill frame simply won’t get the job done. While a frame can truly go a long way and be sized to anyone’s palette, the standard is that one frame will support one image. This can be limiting if you have several pictures and only a limited amount of space, or you  have a vast amount of pictures and want to display them instead of leaving them to collect dust in a photo album.

Luckily, there are ways around that (and they make pretty tasteful décor statements too!) You’ll need a pretty decent amount of wall space for hanging your frames, and some idea of a theme for your pictures in general: for example; family photos, personal art or design work, decorative art, posters, etc. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to make some really great design-inspired frame collages for your home.

Frame Collages

  1. Use your creativity and purchase 5-10 small, complementary frames. Place each picture in a small frame. Make sure that each one complements each other based on color, design, profile depth and compositional quality. This may sound more advanced, but it’s mostly based on your personal preference and intuition. More than anything, the frames and images should reflect your home, style choices, personality, and personal tastes. Don’t get too hung up on making the frames “perfect,” or trying to match all of your colors.
  2. Buy one large frame, but use mats to create small openings for your pictures. This is a very popular means of creating a collage for your pictures. Using simple or decorative mats, have a professional framer (or us!) create specific cut-outs for your individual pictures. While we do pre-determine your mat layout, it is something that Frame USA can take into account when you order. When your mats are cut, simply place your photos or artwork into the open spaces in the mat. There are hundreds of combinations as far as color and technique with mats—for example, our sister website, Matdesigners.com, sells literally hundreds of incredibly different and high-quality mats for frames of all sorts.
  3. Using parts from method #1, create a collage of similarly-colored frame shells, creating a collage. If you don’t have a lot of pictures that you want framed, or want to try creating a bold design statement, try using frame shells as part of your wall décor. Frame shells, if you have not heard the term used before, are regular picture frames without the backing, mat, or even an image. They are literally only the outside “shell” of the frame. When used as a standalone decorative art piece, they make a very bold, modern and unique style choice for any home.

As with anything you place in your home, make sure it’s something that works for you. In the end it’s all about finding something that works for you and makes your home a more comfortable environment. Creating a frame collage is simply one of many ways to make an ordinary home extraordinary!