Picture Frame With Engraved Plate

Picture Frame With Engraved Plate


  1. I am interested in getting a wood frame with an engraved plate. I found the wood frames on your site; but not the plates to engrave. How can I find them?


    • Hello Barbara, You can actually place your engraving order right on our website. Not all of our frames are laser engraved approved. To find the series that have laser engraveable frames go here: http://www.frameusa.com/laser-engraving From there you can click on any of the series. How you get to the engraving section is you check the box in the Engrave column on the far right: Engrave example 1 and once you have that selected you can go down to the bottom and instead of typical ‘add to cart’ button it should say Engrave & Add to cart. Engrave example 2 once you click that you will be able to customize your plate! Let me know if you have any additional questions

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