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Clair Shaw

Arting and Framing

Hi, my name’s Clair. Quality Control Specialist for Frame USA by day, Artist by night. Clair Shaw

If you’re like me, you love art. You love books stores, pop-up art shows, old classic movies and home remodeling TV shows. Most importantly you love creating and decorating your home/work space with the images you love. Be it posters, reproduction, original art, or family photos. You surround yourself with what makes you happy; with what makes you, uniquely you.

If that sounds about right then you might agree that there is no better feeling in the world than finishing or buying a piece of art that you love. However, there’s no worse feeling than the one that usually follows when you ask yourself, “how am I going to hanging this?” and quickly realize your spending is not over.

Perhaps like me you’ve tried to cut corners when it comes to framing. Let’s be honest, Framing can be expensive. So, you own several bulging portfolios and enough cardboard tubes to build the world’s largest telescope. I mean, it’s not enough that we as artists and art coinsures have to spend money to make art and acquire art, but we must also spend money if we plan at all to enjoy it.


If there is one thing I’ve learned in all my years of arting and framing, whether you’re selling or buying there’s simply no arguing the effectiveness of a fantastic framing Job. I see it all the time in our Custom framing shop. Customers bring in old sentimental images probably worth nothing more than something you could find at a yard sale. But, because it’s special to them, they invest, and the final product is always breathtaking. Just imagine the effect quality framing has on something truly unique and timeless. It’s magical. Just ask our Raving fans!

I promise, nothing will enhance the appeal of your artwork, whatever it is, more than a beautiful frame. And let’s face it, appeal is essential if you ever want to be a professional artist, impress your in laws, or get that promotion you’ve been working so hard for.

That’s why we at frame USA pride ourselves in not only the quality of our frames, which I personally see to on a daily basis, but the affordability of our picture frames. Each woods frame at frame USA is cut, joined, filled, and hand quality checked right here in our American home base facility ensuring not only quality and affordability, (like I’ve mentioned) But also that your money stays here in our wonderful U.S. of A.

We know the importance of arting and framing and the impact it has logistically and visually in your homes, offices, studios and galleries. Let us be the ones to make your art something really special; something that demands to be noticed. It’s what we do best.

Frame A-Tee Introduction

Introducing Frame-A-Tee: Frame USA’s T Shirt Frame Product Line.

The Newest T Shirt Frame Product Line: Frame-A-Tee

Throughout a persons lifetime it is inevitable that they will have been given and or purchased a large amount of T-shirts.

The T-Shirt hording probably started in high school during pep rally’s and concerts. Continued on after graduation, maybe you went Greek in college and got a new t-shirt every event, or maybe you were an avid sports fan and really represented your college well with spirit wear.

After college and probably even before you may have participated in a charity event/race and received a T-shirt for participating or you wanted to rep your favorite professional sports team with T-shirts. Next thing you know you have an entire dresser filled with just T-shirts. If you’re like me, you probably only wear a quarter of the T-Shirts you have in your possession.

So what do you do with the other T-Shirts!? 

If none of your T-shirts have any sentimental value attached you could just donate them to goodwill or a homeless shelter.

If you have a large group of shirts you can’t bare to part with you could take them to a seamstress and have them made into a blanket, so the memories are still there but the shirts aren’t taking up space.

However you are bound to have at least one or two T-shirts that you couldn’t bare to part with or the idea of them being chopped up tears you up inside. Thanks to a Frame USA Employee you now have a way to properly display and protect your beloved shirts: Frame-A-Tee

We took one of our popular wood moldings, In-Depth and turned it into an outlet for clearing out your closet, and decorating your home!

Frame-A-Tee comes in 2 classic colors, Natural, and Black.

T-Shirt Frame Black
T-Shirt Frame Black


T-Shirt Frame Natural
T-Shirt Frame Natural


After testing these frames out we have come up with 3 standard sizes that work for all sizes of T-shirts: 12×12, 14×14 and 14×18.

Each T Shirt Frame will include the following:

  •  A Frame
  • 2 pieces of Black Foamcore
  • 2 pieces of Cardboard
  • wire kit for hanging
  • Assembly Instructions

All of our employees are so excited about this product and we think our customers are really going to love these. So pull out your T-shirt collection, choose your favorites preserve the memories with Frame USA’s Newest Product: Frame-A-Tee.

Frame USA Celebrates Halloween

Halloween at Frame USA

Frame USA loves to have fun, we host several events for our employees however we rarely share them with our customers. Since today is all about being someone you’re not we thought we would let our customers in on the fun! Today’s festivities included: a pumpkin decorating/carving contest, a costume contest, and festive snacks. All of today’s winners for both the pumpkin decorating/carving contest as well as the costume contest will be posted on our instagram, so check it out!

  It’s A Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

We posted early last week a sneak peak picture on our instagram of all the pumpkins that we got to give out to our employees. Two employees spent hours weighing pumpkins to find the perfect selection, and boy did our employees deliver with their creations! We have some hidden talent for pumpkin decorating/carving in our midst. Our CEO gave us a challenge that if 50% of all of our employees decorate a pumpkin Frame USA will donate an additional $250 to our November Charity of the Month­­­­­ The Freestore FoodBank. Our employees delivered and we had 35 pumpkins that were brought in decorated/carved. Our employees then voted on what their 3 favorite pumpkins were. We had 4 winners for this competition, with a tie for second place. We would absolutely love to hear what our customers think are the best pumpkins and to see some of the creations you and your family came up with!

Carved Pumpkins PumpkinCollage 2 PumpkinCollage 3 PumpkinCollage 4   PumpkinCollage 6   Pumpkin Carving Pumpkin Carving


When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween!

You probably are thinking to yourself how can employees that work in a warehouse really  dress up during the day. Well I’m here to tell you that all our employees chose creative costumes that were safe! Below are some of the costumes! Let us know what you and your family are being for Halloween, we would love to see your costumes!

20141031_100701   20141031_144036   Costume

Trick or Treat!

Not only did we have fun with pumpkins and costumes, we are all now in a sugar coma! We had festive goodies during one of the breaks that included apple cider, chips, cookies and cupcakes. Some of our office workers planned a potluck and brought in delicious foods to enjoy for lunch. 20141031_143151   20141031_120740 20141031_141944

Best Wishes!

One of our employees is getting married soon, so her manager decided to be sneaky and plan a bit of a bridal shower for her. Safe to say she was completely surprised and got some great gifts off her wedding. Congratulations Beth, we all wish you and your soon to be husband a lifetime of happiness!

Employee Wedding Shower

It’s safe to say that we had a very entertaining Halloween Work day! I hope everyone enjoyed seeing Behind the scenes of Frame USA.


Every Little Bit Counts!

Here at Frame USA, we are extremely passionate about charity.  This is why we give $0.75/online order placed to our Monthly Charity.  We also support a local Charity through our Retail Store in Cincinnati, OH each month.

On top of our specified monthly Charities, different organizations always reach out to us asking for help.  Sometimes we can help, sometimes we can’t, but when we can it is great!

Two months ago, Second Chance Pet Adoptions in North Carolina reached out to us.  They were looking for a way to display gift certificates that had been donated for their Annual Auction for the Animals.  While our charity had already been set for the month, we jumped in to help with the donation and asked Second Chance Pet Adoptions to cover the freight.  They agreed and we got the frames out immediately for them!  A few weeks later, they contacted us letting us know they received more gift certificates for their event than expected and needed more frames.

This past weekend, we received an email from Bonnie Millis, the Auction Chair of the Event stating:

“Thank you so much for your generous donation of frames, and for giving us the wholesale pricing on the additional frames we needed.  Our Gift Certificates were displayed very professionally, and I think added to the elegance of the evening.”

2nd chance

We were happy to help Bonnie, and so glad your event was a success!  We look forward to working with Second Chance Pet Adoptions in the future, and helping out in as many other areas as we can!  For more information on this organization, please visit: www.secondchancenc.org.

colorful picture frames

Colorful Picture Frames – Frame Closeouts

Colorful Picture Frames can be as fun or as classy as you decide. In this post, we’ll show you our personal favorites.

Sometimes, you need a frame that goes beyond your typical ornate look or standard simple black. Sometimes an unfinished look is needed for accentuating certain colors or features of a print, or maybe something in brown or cherry would help bring the piece a more “homey” look. Or, if you like to really step up your color game, you’ll invest in a bright yellow, green or red picture frame.

Colori Picture Frames

Our most popular color-focused frame series, Colori comes in 7 colors and two profiles (wide and narrow). Being flat, these can be used for professional framing, but the colors suggest a more playful and creative use. We invite you to experiment, however: For instance, if your brand has a specific color that matches something from this series, you would be hard pressed to find anything better! You can find the medium and large series under “wood frames”.
bright colored picture frames

Clean Cut Picture Frames

While not as vibrant as our other colorful frames, the Clean Cut series has a defined, narrow profile thanks to the lines along the edges. They still come in some unusual colors, offering some alternative interior design choices while also being conceptually contemporary and modern. You can find them here.

Colored picture frames

Kid Stuf Picture Frames

One of our discontinued mouldings, the Kid Stuf series can still be found around our Closeouts department… On a rare occasion. If any of these frames look appealing to you, we’d be glad to help you find something similar on our website. We recommend Corporate Round if you’re looking for comparable roundness to your frame, or the Colori Medium series for the wide range of colors.

colorful picture frames



Regardless of what you need, it’s a step in the right direction to experiment with color and push the envelope in cases where it’s appropriate. That’s why we decided to have a sale specifically for our colored closeouts this week. You’ll save hundreds (or thousands!) when you use this code today. Thanks for shopping with us!

colorful picture frames
One of our sales on colored closeouts on FrameCloseouts.FrameUSA.com!
Photo Sizes

Photo Frames and Standard Photo Sizes

Popular Photo Sizes

Photo Sizes
Most Popular Photo Sizes

Standard Photo Sizes for your Photo Frames and Fine Art

Have you ever had trouble knowing at what size to print your photographs? Maybe you’re a beginning photographer, or you’ve taken a really great shot and want to print some of your work for friends and family. Knowing exactly how to size your printed photographs can be tough, and so can the daunting task of finding some appropriate photo frames. This week, we thought we’d share industry standard photo size and how to get the most out of displaying your photography.

4×6 / 5×7

The standard photo size for displaying photos on your desk, table or counter space. These are popular photograph sizes for children’s photos and building a frame collage on your wall. When you order these from us, we attach an easel to the backing for ease in making them stand on any surface in your home or office. In addition to all of the above points, they are also the most affordable. You can pick these up for relatively cheap, insert your photos or art prints, and sell them for a good profit. Your audience will be best suited to families with younger children and newlyweds, so if you’re a portrait photographer, these are some great frames to stock up on.

8×10 / 8.5×11

Two of the most popular photo sizes in both photography and framing alike, you can’t go wrong by having a stash of these sizes. Great photograph sizes to start with, these are perfect for either wall mounting or for standing display on a flat surface. Much like the smaller photo sizes, these are great for portrait and family photography. It is a popular choice for mantelpieces, photo walls, staircases and for standing on end tables. When you buy from us, we typically include an easel backing for standing purpose. Luckily, they’re also easy to hang!


Choosing Photo print sizes
We use 8×10 and 8.5×11 frame sizes on our retail wall for customers to use as reference to their art.

11×14 / 11×17

The standard photo sizes for most musician venues and unofficially dubbed the “mini-poster”, these are probably the best photograph sizes to take when you’re looking to print something to be mounted on the wall as art. The 11×17 and 11×14 sizes are standard for posters that need to be downsized into a smaller form. Should you be planning to sell bulk prints of your work online or at a convention space, this size will the the perfect way to sell your photographs. Not too big and not too small– if you’re advertising for anything in a creative setting, these two sizes will draw far more attention than a smaller size, so be sure to use these to your advantage!

Some great frames in this size would be our Architect and Corporate series.

24×36 (Average Poster Size), 27×40 and 27×41

For those with the “go big or go home” mindset, you may want to aim for these photograph sizes. At this point, we definitely recommend a frame to keep your art scratch-free and to highlight the print as a whole. Plaque-mounting your image is another option that would work well, which is basically a way to display an image without a frame. (They do get considerably heavier with size, though!)

photo sizes
We also offer great poster and photo frames to showcase your work. These will fit your photo print sizes.


Which sizes are the best for your line of work? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear what your line of work is and how you maximize your return from sizing your picture frames correctly. Let us know what you think when you use one of our standard photo size frames.

cheap posters

Posterservice – Your Place For Posters!

Many of you may not know much about our sister company, Posterservice.com. Posterservice actually started before Frame USA was around. We license and distribute posters to customers all around the country. We are also the exclusive US distributor for GB eye, a poster company in Great Britain. Anyone who wants a poster in the GB eye line in the United States can only order it through Posterservice. Along with GB eye, we create many in house posters and concepts as well. We work to find some of the best images around, and become the exclusive licensor of those images.

Our Posterservice team just got back from the Camex Show in Dallas, Texas, March 9-11, 2014. CAMEX is the largest college bookstore trade show in the industry. Each year, Posterservice works hard to bring the best product forward to these shows. With our largest market being college bookstores through the United States, this is the perfect show for us.
We mainly focus on selling two main products at this show:

1. Shrinkwrap Dumps
These are boxes of 50 shrinkwrapped posters per box. It comes complete with a cardboard box that you can simply set up in your store and immediately sell the product. Not sure what to pick? We are happy to pick a mix for you! Just tell us about your store and we can do the rest!

cheap posters

2. Poster Racks
Join our Rack Track Program and you will not be disappointed! We offer 48 and 60 slot racks, which allow your customers to fan through the full size image at the top, and then select their rolled poster down below. Each rack slot is numbered, and matches the full size poster in the upper sleeve. Once again, we can choose the product mix for you or you can choose your own. A great benefit of our Rack Track program is that you can also return any posters that are not selling to us. We will take those back, provide you with a credit, and we can get new posters into those poster slots almost immediately for you. This is a great perk  that helps to keep your poster rack up to date at all times.

wholesale posters

If you are a Retail Store not currently selling posters, now is your chance to change that! Our poster team is always here to help! If you have questions, please feel free to call us today at 1-800-577-5920 or email us at [email protected]. Our website is also changing daily so check it out today at www.posterservice.com!

business picture frames

Six Framing Industry Tips from Decor Arts Now!

We recently posted some of our big tips that we’ve learned in the framing industry (click here if you haven’t read yet!) but we also found a great article that gave some extra tips on framing. Decor Arts Now is a great blog covering topics such as interior decorating, design and home artwork.

In the article we are featuring today, writer Lynn Byrne discusses her son’s artwork and the process of framing his artwork at a New York custom framing favorite, J. Pocker. She does a great job of showing the inside work of a custom framing operation, and showcasing some ways that you can make your art shine… Even if you’re doubtful of the quality of your art, sometimes a simple frame is all you need to bolster its value.

To find out more, visit her original blog post!

picture framers
Photo: Author Lynn Byrne and Framer Robyn Pocker


picture framing
Some historical framing, indeed! Custom framing from J. Pocker in NY.
colorful picture frames

Interior Design Tips by Sara Eizen

We were a big fan of this article by Sara Eizen, who spoke with the Mantle Art Company and published this piece. Be sure to go check it out!

picture frame interior design
Design pro, Sara Eizen


Here were some tips we thought were especially helpful:

-Using children’s art to decorate their rooms, as well as certain parts of the house in which they may mesh well with colors.

-Use a sheet of magnetic sheet metal, a frame and some paint to take the refrigerator-art concept and blow it up on a macro level. Additionally, clipboards and bulletin boards can go from everyday items to “fun and inexpensive ideas (that) can have so many other uses in addition to displaying kid’s art.”

-Order frames online to keep the bustle of running framing errands to a minimum.


What are some ways that YOU save time and money for your around-the-house projects? How important is your kid’s involvement in the creative process? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

Source: Mantle Art Company

American Made Products

American Made Products – Frame USA “Amps it Up”

Celebrating American Made Products for 30 years!

Frame USA’s business plan title for this year is “Amp it Up!”, a slogan that will remind us throughout the year to continue to raise the bar for companies that source labor, materials and manufacturing within the United States.

We even made a video that supports why it’s important to shop for items that are made in the USA. This can be anything from picture frames, shoes, clothing, toys and even software and phone apps. Spending local and shopping small is always the best option!

Not sure where to buy items made in America? Googling “American Made Products” will turn up a great number of resources for you to find some great American businesses that produce the items that you use every day! Alternatively, Diane Sawyer’s “Made In America” series gave some great American manufacturing businesses a shout-out — including us!